Sunday, November 24, 2013

Thomas Sniegoski's "In the House of the Wicked"

This is Remy Chandler's fifth outing as one of God's warrior angels masquerading as a regular human being.  In this novel, the part-time PI is asked to search for Ashley, the now-college-bound teen who normally babysat his dog.  Unfortunately, her kidnapping is related to Remy himself, as a sorcerer has kidnapped her in an attempt to find vengeance against his enemies.  Not only that, but the war within himself between his Seraphim and his "humanity" continues, until his angelic powers are stolen and used against him.  Of course, Remy and his friends, Francis and Ashley herself, prevail against all evil - but is there a greater evil out there waiting for Remy?  Only the next novel will tell.

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