Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Water - Flash Fiction Challenge Part II

I'm still continuing in Chuck Wendig's Flash Writing assignment where we have been creating round-robin-type stories.  I created the first section, and H. Peterson created the second (below - also see at his blog spot with several others he's revised:   
The sandcat softly chuffed as it crouched, its dun coat speckled with black blending into the sandy floor.  The black tip of its twitching tail could be seen from the watering hole where antelope drank their fill, their white tails glowing in the dawn.  He tensed, and the beasts galloped off, to bells tinkling and soft hoofbeats as the caravan approached.  The big cat coughed in disgust as it stalked off, ignoring the approaching dust and ruckus.
 A swarthy man hustled a young woman down from a horse, pushed her to her knees, and addressed the older man who approached them both, “See, wiseman, as promised, the girl can sense water on the wind…”
“Silence!” he interrupted, before turning to the girl in a burnoose covering her from head to toe.  He peered above the veil, “Well, girl, you seem to be talented enough.  How do you sense the water?”
Sana raised her head.  “I close my eyes until I see the sun blazing behind my lids.  Then I wait to see where darkness covers the sun.  It is in that direction.”  She bowed her head, staring at her bound hands.
“Well, Hanara, she has magic.  Let’s deal.”
“You still have our original deal to complete, Marwik…when we get to Riverfork we can talk about your next deal.” The Wiseman glanced at Sana’s beautiful almond colored eyes. He knew Marwik had no idea of his captive’s identity.
“You paid me half of the agreed price and we are half way there now. Hanara…you know I can get twice as much for her when we arrive at the Riverfork market.” Marwik eyed the ochre colored cloud just showing itself on the horizon.
“We better get those water bags filled and the horses prepared for the sand storm approaching.”
“Don’t try anything, you’re five days out of anywhere safe…and I will track you. Fill em!” Marwik slices the rope binding her hands and she bends down and picks up the empty water bags.
“You make a run for it and you will kill the horse with all this weight.” Marwik turned to Hanara and said. “There’s a cave an hours ride from here…we can set up for the night.”
As Sana leaned over the watering hole she saw the speck behind them that had following them for the last three days…could it be…but he had been shot by Marwik.

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