Saturday, September 28, 2013

Kat Richardson's "Seawitch"

Harper Blaine is an exceptional protagonist.  Having died 3 times and come back as a Greywalker, after 7 books, Harper still continues to grow in her use and understanding of the Grey - the thin line between the normal and paranormal worlds.  The Grey is one of the most unique creations about which I have ever read - nothing even comes close to it in any of the other urban/fantasy novels which I absorb on a daily basis.  Without trying to reveal any spoilers, "Seawitch" used the concepts of seawitches, mermaids, and dubhar-chu' (an Irish sea otter) in very unusual and creative ways, which is always Richardson's style with the paranormal.  In this novel, Harper works hand in hand with Rey Solis, the detective that she has kept at a distance in her past exploits.  She is forced to reveal to him the greater world in which she works, and his reactions to her revelations say much about him as a character.  Richardson also does extensive background on the historical and geographical areas in which she sets her characters, so I find myself falling into the stories and emerging with new concepts of both the normal and paranormal world.  I look forward to her newest Blaine novel, "Possession," which came out in August.  Kat, thank you for yet another absorbing story!  

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