Saturday, October 5, 2013

Jennifer Roberson's "Sword-Bound"

Casually browsing through the new books at Barnes and Noble, I gasped aloud when I saw a new Del and Tiger book from Jennifer Roberson, "Sword-Bound."  Roberson had announced years ago an end to the Del and Tiger novels, and I had grieved because it truly was one of my all-time favorite series.  To see a new book about Del and Tiger made my little heart go pitter-patter, and I absolutely had to buy it.  THEN to find out there would be another one in a few more months – I practically died right there in the store!

Roberson is famous for her series about the Cheysuli, but I never was able to get into those stories.  I came to appreciate her work from her stories about Sherwood Forest and Robin Hood before I discovered Del and Tiger.  This latest story catches up with Del and Tiger in a good place, with a school for sword dancers and a little girl of their own.  Tiger still occasionally must dance against those who want to kill him for his oath-breaking or for their own validation, but it is a quiet, peaceful life until Tiger’s son accuses him of being “domesticated.”  Of course, the Sand Tiger must challenge that notion, and soon they are on the road to adventures.  Unfortunately, these adventures become a lot more dangerous, especially for Del.  By the end, the plots are wrapped up, but there still are some threads to follow in the next novel.  Now all I need to know is when the newest novel will be published!  

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